OrganoGold – Premium Coffee with Ganodermalucidum

Organo gold – Premium coffee with Ganodermalucidum

Enjoy an exquisite blend of premium coffee enhanced by Organic Ganoderma Lucidum.

Ganoderma has been a popular herb for more than 2000 years.

Ganoderma are an extremely expensive antioxidant. They must be harvested at maturity. This process is time-consuming and laborious.


Ganoderma mushroom can help restore your body’s natural balance. It can improve energy, calm the mind and body, sleep, reduce inflammation and prevent cancer.

Licorice can also help protect from heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes through lowering cholesterol levels, and providing essential antioxidants. The Chinese and Japanese have used it for centuries.

Organo Gold has a number of products that are formulated with Ganoderma lucidum extract to provide optimal performance. They use only premium ingredients, and adhere to an accurate manufacturing process. Their product offerings include coffees, teas and supplements formulated from Ganoderma lucidum powder along with other healthful ingredients.

Ganoderma espresso has become one of Ganoderma’s most popular products. It is a blend that combines instant coffee with Ganoderma to support your immune system. There are even a variety flavors to choose from so everyone can enjoy one!

Ginkgo biloba is another amazing antioxidant, providing an abundance of Vitamin C while having anti-inflammatory properties and serving as an excellent alternative to traditional coffee. This drink also contains Reishi to increase red blood cell counts and combat the effects of thrombocytopenia.

Organo Gold provides the ideal blend for those who enjoy a healthy coffee as well as those who want to indulge in delicious beverage indulgences. Coffee, green-tea and supplement capsules among their many offerings. There is even a special herbal tea designed to soothe sensitive tooth!


This premium coffee blend contains organic Ganoderma Lucidum, which provides additional nutritional benefits. It also includes creamy cocoa. We use only high-quality arabica, robusta, and coffee beans which have been delicately balanced with creamer and sweetener to make the perfect cup of gourmet coffee. Ganoderma’s subtle nutty notes pair beautifully with this premium coffee blend while its powerful antioxidant content gives your day-long energy boost!

Ganoderma has a distinguished, prestigious history within Chinese herbalism. It is also known as Lingzhi Reishi and the “King of Herbs.” This ancient ingredient has been used for medicinal purposes since the dawn of time. It is known to have remarkable health benefits, including the ability to promote healthy cell growth and protect from free radicals.

Organo Gold Ganoderma instant coffee contains many other beneficial ingredients such as ginseng, which has been used throughout history to support health and immunity. Ginseng extract is rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, which are beneficial to our health. Its use also boosts the immune system. Ganoderma mushroom is also a powerful healer, with studies showing that it reduces oxidative stresses while increasing cell repair processes.

The crown jewels of ganoderma mushroom spores, they are packed with the highest concentrations of nutrients. These precious gems are expensive to produce due to their high nutritional content and the requirement that harvesting occurs at just the right time. Harvesting procedures also affect quality.

Reishi mushroom is an integral part of organo gold. However, it should be noted that these mushrooms should not be consumed by those suffering from thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) due to increased bleeding risk; please seek medical advice before consuming reishi mushrooms if this applies to you. Also, avoid taking blood-thinning medications such as warfarin at this time. This could increase the bleeding risks.


Ganoderma is a traditional medicinal plant used for centuries in Asian herbal medicine. It has many benefits including improving our immune system and energy. This mushroom has been used in traditional Asian herbal medicines for millennia. In Chinese it is called Lingzhi, while the Japanese call Reishi “King of Herbs.”

Organo Gold collects a unique mushroom from China or Japan’s lush forests where it grows on logs of real trees, as nature intended. This produces high-quality items with each step patented in order to ensure only premium mushrooms are produced. Organo Gold transforms the mushroom into coffee capsules, tea capsules or even medicine.

By infusing the coffee with this powerful fungus, it becomes acid-free and perfect for amanita mushroom tea those who suffer acid reflux. This coffee can be a healthier alternative for sodas and also helps those who want to limit their sugar intake.

Organic Ganoderma Spores are expensive to harvest, as they must be harvested at the exact right time. The way they’re cracked also has a big impact on the quality of the final product. Two pounds of powdered spore powder is made from nearly 2000 pounds spores!

Ganoderma is a long-time herbalism in China, second only after ginseng. Its many health benefits have recently caused its popularity to surge in Western countries. This plant also contains over 50 triterpene compounds that are unique to it.

ORGANO was founded in 2008 with a mission to share the earth’s nutritional riches with people around the world through premium products which help people live an energetic and healthier life. Their products contain Ganoderma that has been shown to increase energy, provide antioxidants and support brain functions.

Store your goods in a safe place

Ganoderma has been known in Chinese herbalism as Reishi for millennia. It provides many of the same health benefits as ginseng. Ganoderma, a superfood which boosts immunity by providing antioxidants, is considered a superfood. Furthermore, Ganoderma promotes blood flow while helping prevent blood clots. Ganoderma’s heart-friendly properties may also help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and protect against atherosclerosis.

Ganoderma should be stored carefully, as the spores can degrade if improper conditions are used. Spores need to be harvested at the exact right time to maintain their full potency. To do this, gently peel back the outer layer of fruit before mixing them with other ingredients to create powder for use in product. After that, they should be kept in a cool, organo gold membership dark place to prevent further degradation.

Organic Ganoderma Spores make up the most valuable part of any Ganoderma Product. They are also the most costly. Their cost is due in part to the fact that they have to be harvested just right – how well they are broken down has an immediate effect on their value – and also because harvesting mature mushroom fruit bodies can be difficult and labor-intensive.

Reputable firms use double cracking to gently break apart the shell, capturing spores and preventing them from disintegrating. A Ganodermalucidum takes between 5-7months to fully mature, to the point of harvesting its mushroom spores.

Organo Gold combines mushroom spores with other ingredients in order to formulate its products. This includes coffee and herbal tea infused with Ganodermalucidum, as well personal care products. Organo Gold sells its products globally, with the company’s flagship being gourmet coffees containing Ganoderma Lucidum.

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